Past clients of Mc Loughlin & Son Decorators have commented on the courteousness of our professional painting team and the speed and efficiency of our services. If you are searching for a painting company that involves courtesy and professionalism with every contract that they perform then Mc Loughlin & Son Decorators is your choice.

We adhere to the following specification when doing domestic work:

Surface preparation:
Protecting your property: Items such as furniture, flooring, carpet, landscaping and any unpainted surfaces are covered and protected from any accidental spills or drips by the use of clean dustsheets, plastic & masking tape. Many items such as lights, sockets and door handles are either tapes up or removed prior to commencement and replaced upon completion.    

Cleaning & Washing:
Dirt & grease are washed away to provide a clean surface for proper bonding of the new paint. Power washing may be used in extreme exterior conditions to remove excessive dirt or chaulk build up. Mildew is treated with bleach to kill the bacteria and prevent re-occurrances through the new paint.    

Ceilings & Walls:
Cracks are dug out to a larger opening and patched with filler.

Loose and peeling paint is thoroughly sanded down with rough grade sandpaper to bare wood, bare surfaces are then coated with wood primer, cracks, voids, joints & holes are filled and patched with high grade caulk, putty or filler, whichever is necessary.      

Peeling paint and rust are thoroughly sanded, surfaces are then primed with a rust preventative primer. New galvanised metal is primed with a galvanised metal primer.

Paint Application:
Application - Walls & Woodwork: Paint will be neatly and evenly applied free from sags, runs and skips by brush, roller or airless spray    

Job site neatness:
Materials supplies equipment and debris are kept in an orderly fashion throughout the jobs duration and stored neatly out of the way at the end of each working day. All areas worked on are swept or vacuumed daily

Hazardous waste:
Any hazardous waste item such as paint solvents etc. generated from your job will be taken away and disposed of accordingly.

Touch up paint:
Colours will be left for you to touch up in labelled cans for easy future reference.