Healthcare Painter in Cork

At McLoughlin & Son Decorators, we have years of experience working in healthcare environments, including hospitals. Before we begin painting, we always prep the surfaces to ensure they comply with all health and safety regulations. As well, we always ensure that imperfections are repaired before the painting begins, this is so that any potential for bacteria growth is cut.

As your go-to healthcare painter in Cork, we know that maintaining the highest level of hygiene is of utmost importance, as well as the paint finish must be able to stand up to multiple vigorous cleanings. At McLoughlin & Son Decorators, we use only the best antimicrobial paint to stop the growth of bacteria.

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What McLoughlin & Son Decorators Does For You

Our dedicated team of expert painters work with each client on an individual basis. This way we can discuss all requirements you have for the facility, as well as any special requests that you may have.


When you hire McLoughlin & Son Decorators as your healthcare painter in Cork, we make sure our project will have minimal disruption to any staff, patients, or the public. As well, we are careful to cordon off our work area so that it is safe for both our workers and the public.


As well, here at McLoughlin & Son Decorators, we can work flexible hours to suit the daily functioning of the healthcare site.

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Healthcare Painter in Cork FAQ